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The Rise of Working from Home

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The covid-19 lockdown feels like it was a catalyst to working from home becoming more common place. As you'll have noticed, this suits some people incredibly well, whilst others thrive off of being able to go to the office for a variety of reasons.

Online therapy

From our perspective, what we've noticed is it has made online therapy more accessible for lots of people as they are already in a private space at home, and can fit it around their working day. One of the barriers to therapy historically is that is has been inaccessible due to the majority of people's working schedule, especially day-time appointments. For example, many people struggled to take time out of their working day to attend therapy in person, as this may mean 30-45 minutes of travel each way, on top of a 50-60 minute session, and many sacrificing their lunchbreak and working additional hours to compensate (which is likely contradictory to what we are thinking about in therapy).

However, there are always pros and cons to everything, and lots of people have struggled with the change of pace, location, interaction, routine, etc. Everyone is different, so instead of reading about what you "must" or "should" do when working from home in order to take care of your mental health, we prefer to switch it up. Instead, we encourage you to think about what a "good" work from home day look like for you. Everyone has individual preferences, needs, body clocks etc, and we therefore should all take a bespoke approach to finding a routine that works for us. Below is an image of some prompt questions that could help you to think about what would work for you:

If you are struggling with workplace stress, please feel free to reach out or book an initial consultation so we can see if we would be a good fit to work together.

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