Top 5 Ways to Maintain Overwhelming Anxiety

We all love being overwhelmed with anxiety right? Whether you crave those intense heart palpitations, thrive with a killer headache or love the general irritability that is sure to push away friends or family, we can’t seem to get enough!

Here are my top 5 tips to making sure you maintain an all-time-high overwhelming anxiety:

1. Ruminating. Also known as ‘over-thinking’. The key to this is to re-imagine all your interactions and experiences from the day. Pull them apart, down to the words you used and the reaction of the other person. Only remember the negative interpretations of situations, make sure you discount all the great things you did, because I’m sure there are some so don’t get suckered into placing any emphasis on those. Don’t try and distract yourself during this, and be very certain not to think about whether ruminating is helpful or not. We all know it is incredibly helpful when trying to remain anxious.

Hakuna matata? Those boys are bonkers.

2. Avoidance of support. Your friends, family, colleagues or mentors - speaking to any of these people or letting them know your feelings is very destructive to your anxiety. They may be able to reassure you, or help you test out your biggest fears. Make sure you avoid these helpful, supportive people if you want to achieve optimum anxiety.

3. Do too many things at one time. Make sure you have too many things on the go, so many that you forget how many and don’t try to achieve any small steps towards any of them or re-evaluate your goals.

4. Don’t sleep or rest. It is a waste of time if you want to achieve all-time-high anxiety. Your energy is better placed elsewhere. It is best to watch very intense, bright screens way into the night. If you make the mistake of falling asleep, when you wake back up, be sure to check your emails and social media and repeat step 1.

5. Don’t eat nutritious food or do any exercise. You don’t have time remember, you’re too busy ruminating, avoiding others and not sleeping. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of prioritising your health, you could run the risk of reducing your anxiety. You have been warned.

There you have it, my top 5 ways to maintain overwhelming anxiety. You’re welcome. In the rare case that over-whelming anxiety isn’t your thing, I’ve got other blog posts you might be interested in.

Got other tips of how to maintain overwhelming anxiety? Get in touch!

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