How to do I achieve burn-out faster than anyone else?

Perhaps you are not the fastest runner on social media? Maybe you don’t have the most money, most luxurious lifestyle or perfect family? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I thought I would provide you lucky people with a quick guide on “how to burn-out faster than anyone else?”. Bragging rights included.

So, what is burn out?

Perhaps the phrase “burning the candle at both ends” comes to mind for a lot of people. Burn-out is not just tiredness or having a long day, it is complete and utter fatigue, mentally, spiritually and physically. It can make you forget why you do what you do. Make you forget your passion, your purpose and your happiness. Sounds amazing right?

How do I achieve burn-out asap?

1. You need to be focused purely on work 24/7. Don’t allow yourself to think or talk about anything but work. It requires a lot of dedication but I believe in you.

2. Don’t ask anyone for support – don’t talk to your friends or family about how overwhelmed you are. Isolation is key to burn-out success.

3. Make sure you aren’t sleeping properly – I would advise watching a really intense documentary (I’ve heard that Netflix Cats one is particularly haunting) and then scroll on social media for minimum 2 hours before counting down the minutes until your alarm goes off. Try the game “if I fall asleep NOW I’ll get 5 hours sleep, if I fall asleep NOW I’ll get 4 hours 55 minutes sleep” etc.

4. Try and do at least 10 tasks at one time. Make sure these tasks have no set goals so you can’t measure your achievement. Spend a significant amount of time twiddling your thumbs, procrastinating and worrying about it all. Don’t attempt to make a plan to prioritise your tasks or reduce the workload.

5. Make sure you take no breaks from work, no lunch, maybe the odd dash to the kitchen for a coffee but that’s it and make it fast.


So folks, there you have it, a fast-track way to achieving burn-out. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t fancy the look of burnout, maybe consider avoiding these things and practicing some more self-care, whatever that may look like for you. What about being strict with yourself about taking your lunch break? Perhaps organise your ‘to-do’ list into tasks that can wait or be delegated, and those to concentrate on?

Have more ideas of how to achieve the dream of burnout? Let me know your top tips on the comments or through social media!

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