Meet the Team


Dr Georgia Halls

Clinical Psychologist

Director and Owner of Willow Psychology Service & The Three Ps

Dr Jemma Ambrose

Clinical Psychologist

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed? Maybe you've recently had a big life change, struggling with the uncertainty of the world, or you have been struggling with anxiety and stress for a while but now feel it is the time to get some extra support. Do you want space to be listened to, understand what is going on for you and how to change things?

My priority is to help you feel comfortable, listened to and for us to follow your pace. We can help you to get a better understanding of what is going on, reflect on what is working for you and what isn't, and come up with an idea of how we can move things forward.

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Dr Melissa Hoban

Clinical Psychologist

I specialise in helping individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their mood or emotions (incl. anxiety, panic, stress, low mood, self-esteem) facing a transition in life, an adjustment to circumstances or making sense of difficult/traumatic experiences. I take a trauma informed and holistic approach to therapy, shifting the focus from the "problem" to "what have you experienced in your life, how have you learnt to survive, and are these survival strategies still serving you". In therapy we can think together what you would like to be different, connecting to what is meaningful and valued in your life

Dr Emma Whitty

Clinical Psychologist

Hi I'm Emma, I'm a Clinical Psychologist and I work with individuals who experience a range of difficulties such as, anxiety, stress, low mood, loss and trauma. I understand that sometimes it is difficult and daunting to know where to start when accessing support. Through building a good therapeutic relationship, I am aim to help to provide you with an understanding of your difficulties, your strengths and how to make changes to support your wellbeing. I aim to create a safe, empathetic and non-judgmental space for our work.

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Dr Maria Smithers

Clinical Psychologist

I am here to provide a safe therapeutic space to support individuals who are feeling stressed, low in mood, overwhelmed, stuck and anxious. I help clients to improve their quality of life by exploring their difficulties holistically and creating collaborative goals that they can be supported to achieve independently. I work using an integrated person-centred approach drawing upon ACT, CFT, Mindfulness, CBT, solution-focused narrative and systemic therapies.

In addition to supporting clients with experiences of low mood and anxiety, I specialise in supporting the psychological well-being of individuals living with chronic health conditions. I also have a speciality and passion for supporting the mental wellbeing of individuals from neurodiverse populations (ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc).

Dr Ben Hannon

Clinical Psychologist

Hi I'm Ben, I'm a Clinical Psychologist and I have an interest in working with people who experience a range of difficulties such as work-place anxiety or stress, and low mood. My aim is to provide you with a space to understand what is going on for you, your strengths and how to make changes to support your mental health. 

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Dr Sonam Patel

Clinical Psychologist

I aim to create an empathic and containing therapeutic space in which you feel safe to explore the difficulties that may be troubling you, be that feelings of sadness, fear, depression, anxiety, difficulties in key relationships, or struggling to cope after a traumatic event. In therapy, we will work together to develop an understanding of what happened in your life that may have triggered these difficulties, and what may be maintaining these difficulties now. Importantly, we will set collaborative goals for our work, which help you to reconnect with your inner strength and resilience, and which help you break free from “the problem” or what may be keeping things stuck. In doing so, I hope to help you change the relationship you have with the distress you may be experiencing, and to reconnect with the important things you value in life.

Dr Sharon Hart

Clinical Psychologist

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed or panicked? This can be understandably challenging and sometimes we all need someone who can help us through these times. We will collaboratively discuss and agree your goals and consider what changes feel manageable and achievable for you and how we can gradually support you to improve your quality of life and achieve those goals. My priority is to create and build a trusting, non-judgemental and supportive therapeutic environment so that we can explore together on what feels most helpful and important to you. I know how nerve-wrecking it can be to start therapy and so I will be guided by you as to what would make it a helpful and supportive environment.