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So, what exactly are The Three Ps?

The Three Ps are 3 things that we believe can help individuals shift from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lost or anxious to understanding their mental health and how to best take care of it.



We aren't talking about just therapy, but a general understanding of how our brains and bodies work.



Not only do they evoke a softer side of a lot of people, a more compassionate and calmer side, but they also provide an experience of an interaction that has no judgement, no complex social rules and is focused on living in that moment with you. The nature of human complexity means this interaction is harder to find with another human.

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It’s not just the fresh air, exercise or beauty that nature and plants provides us, but we can learn a lot from how plants grow and thrive, and apply this to ourselves. For example, plants need certain environments to thrive, and these environmental needs differ between plants, similar to us as humans. We believe we need to pay more attention to how our environment, such as what and who we surround ourselves with daily, impacts on our mental health.


What are the benefits of therapy dogs?

Canine-assisted therapy is a branch of animal-assisted therapy that utilises the unique human-animal bond to reduce individuals physiological reactions to stress, aid concentration and improve engagement.  


Research has time and time again showed the physiological benefits of contact with a dog, reducing stress levels and enabling people to think more clear headed.

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